Conversational Leadership

Group Discussion as Interactive Dialogue or as Serial Monologue: The Influence of Group Size, by Nicolas Fay (University of Glasgow), Simon Garrod (University of Glasgow) and Jean Carletta (University of Edinburgh)

Interactive Dialogue or Serial Monologue: The Influence of Group Size on conversation, by David Gurteen

Knowledge Café tipsheet, by David Gurteen and Steve O’Hagan

Real conversations, by David Gurteen, on LinkedIn

Why are conversations limited to about four people? A theoretical exploration of the conversation size constraint, by Jaimie Krems, an assistant professor of psychology at Oklahoma State University, and Jason Wilkes, a graduate student in evolutionary cognitive psychology at the University of California, in Evolution and Human Behavior

Why can’t more than four people have a conversation at once? by Corinne Purtill, on Quartz


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